Day 10 - 7/11/07: Edmonton, AB -
Argyle Cycles and West Edmonton Mall

Argylle Cycles Pirate Ship Water Park
French Connection UK Flamingos

I slept in today, I must have needed it. I had breakfast at the hotel, a cheese omelet. I then got on the bike and went to Argyle Cycles. This place was awesome. They had tons of bikes, and an ATV warehouse as well. I went to the service desk and explained my predicament to the service guy. He asked me to pull the bike around back and told me he would take a look. I pulled around back and the service guy brought a tech out as well. They both went over the bike. I showed them the fender. They showed me on the rear tire where the fender had been rubbing the sidewall. I then removed the saddle bag and the tech found that the fender had knocked the charcoal canister loose when it came off. The tech tightened it up, checked for play in the rear wheel, and gave the bike a pretty good once over. He said since the bolts were missing, whoever changed the tire last did not use locktite to secure the bolts for the rear fender. They must have backed out, and the rear fender was free to move around, which it did. They both said the bike looked good and that there were no other problems that would have caused this. I felt much better.

 I went into the dealership to get a mini tankbag. I found a small Icon one, but with the barbacks, it still ran into the bag. One thing they did have was a Gerbings heated vest that would fit my huge self. I purchased that, as well as a pair of warmer gloves as my hands kept getting cold.

 As I was loading up the bike I ran into a guy in the parking lot. His name was Dave. He rides a Suzuki 650 Vstrom and was headed for Fairbanks in the morning. I told him I was headed for Anchorage in the morning. We both agreed to ride our own ride and maybe we would run into each other.

 As I had the rest of the day off I went to West Edmonton Mall, supposedly the largest mall in the world. It was ok, Mall of America was better. I wandered around. They had some cool attractions, an ice rink, a water park, an indoor lagoon with Pirate ships and a sea lion show. But all of the stores were just regular mall stores, itís just that there were a lot of them. Mall of America had unique stores I had never seen, and the mall itself was designed very cool. West Edmonton Mall was just a big ass regular mall, not very exciting. All I wanted to find was a Canada shirt for Hannah. You would think that the worldís largest mall, in Canada, would have this, but no, they did not.

 As I could not find anything to buy, other than some postage paid post cards, I decided to go see Harry Potter. It was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. The movie theater is on the 3rd floor, the only thing up there. They have all kinds of huge characters, yoda, king kong, and one of which is a dragon that hangs from the ceiling. The cool thing is that the dragon started moving and smoke came out of itís nose and mouth. Not too interesting, I know, but then the thing spit out a huge fireball, a real one. It did this a few times. This was incredible to me, but by the time I whipped the camera out, the show was over. Anyway, I then saw Harry Potter which I have already mentioned was very good. I decided to have dinner in the Mall and found an Old Spaghetti Factory. I had spaghetti and meatballs, all by myself. It was fantastic. I then got 4 liters of water at the store for 5 bucks, itís the best.

 Then back to the hotel to waste time watching TV until time for bed.

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