Day 11 - 7/12/07: Edmonton, AB to Dawson Creek, BC

Day 11 - Edmonton to Dawson Creek
 Loose Gravel  Dawson Creek Camping

Today I awoke at 8:00, on purpose. I wanted to try and get to my destination before 10:00pm. I packed up the bike, and on the way into the hotel I saw 2 of Edmontonís finest, ready for action. Iím pretty sure they were prostitutes.

 I decided to hit the road, get out of town, and stop later for water. And I did just that. It was pretty hot today, high 90ís. When I did stop for water I changed to my summer gloves and took out the jacket liner.

 When I left the gas station, I kept hoping to hit the Rockies, see some mountains, make a turn. This had to be the flattest, straightest road Iíve ever been on. When you did go up a rise, and there really were quite a few, it wasnít that flat, at the top you would see the road stretch on for miles, all in a nice straight line. It was rather boring. I did see my first moose crossing sign. It was cool.

 As I was bored with the flat and straight, I listened to the GPS and got off Hwy 43, the hwy to my destination. The GPS had me take Hwy 2 to a back road, it might have been hwy 59. Anyway, both of these turned out to be flat and straight as well, and I just ended up back on 43. There was lots of construction. I got hung up in traffic twice, and shut off the bike as I waited for it to move. There were lots of signs saying to ďslow down, fresh oilĒ, I was none to excited about those.

 Eventually I made it to Dawson Creek, BC, start of the Alaska Hwy. There was a huge fire in the middle of town. I didnít bother to check it out though. I was looking to get some water and get off the bike. Taking a day off really makes your ass hurt all over again, right after you just got through getting used to riding for that length of time.

 I went to the first campsite, and they were full. They told me to try Mile 0 campground. I did. When I pulled in I saw a blue Suzuki 650 Vstrom. It was Dave! We got a campsite next to each other and chatted for a while. He walked down to a pub for dinner while I cooked up some beefy mac with the jetboil (REI dry freeze dinner). When he came back we chatted some more and discussed our plans for Alaska. We broke out the maps and made some tentative plans.

 He went off to shower while I checked emails and such. When he got back it was my turn to shower.

 All in all today was pretty uneventful.

 Thatís all I have to say about that.

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