Day 13 - 7/14/07: Toad River, BC to Whitehorse, YK

Day 13 - Toad River to Whitehorse
Moose at Toad River Moose at Toad River
Road to Whitehorse Bike at Teslin Teslin
Bison Bison
Sign Post Forest Dickson, TN
Bike at Connection Creek New Boots after 7 Days Home
Yukon Border Yukon Border and Me North of 60

Today started out much better for me. I awoke all refreshed. My knee still hurt, but some ibuprofen took care of that. While I was packing up I saw 2 moose in the water, very very close to me. I packed up while Dave had breakfast. After I was done packing, I went up to the store, had some breakfast and mailed my post cards.

 I thought we were going to fuel up at Toad River, but Dave wanted to go on. So we rode up to Muncho Lake. The scenery was better than yesterday, but if all I did was take pics, I would never get to where I was going. Today I saw 2 moose, 3 bear, 10 mountain sheep (2 packs of 5 each, one of the males was radio collared), 5 wild horses, 4 bison (2 of which were walking together up the shoulder of road), and about 1,000,000,000 mosquitoes. The weather was awesome. It was in the high 80’s for most of the day with partly cloudy, but very beautiful, skies. Later it did cloud up, but not enough to rain, just to cool off things into the low 70’s.

 The ride though the mountains was beautiful. This is where we saw all of the wildlife. I met some more bikers in Watson Lake. The 4 of us ended up at the sign post forest. I thought this was in the middle of nowhere, but nope, it’s in the middle of town. We went our different ways when we left. I took lots of pics, but all in all today was pretty uneventful.

 All over BC and YK the scenery is unbelievable. However, usually there is nowhere to pull over (the shoulder of the road is either non-existent, or soft gravel), or there are power lines, or the actual provided pull offs are surrounded by 45 foot tall trees that block your view. Even the “viewing” stations are blocked. So when I got to Teslin and saw a viewing station, I passed it up. But then WOW, Teslin came into view. I slowed down and went in the exit. I got several good pics.

 As I can’t think of anything else to say,


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