Day 15 - 7/16/07: Tok, AK to Anchorage, AK

Day 15 - Tok to Anchorage
Camping in Tok Dirty Bike Matanuska Glacier
Bike Drop Bike Drop Scenery

Today started bright and early. As I am now on Alaska Time, 1 hr earlier than Pacific Time, itís easy to get up early. Just wake up when you usually do and you are already 1 to 3 hours ahead!

 I packed up camp and headed out. I waved bye to the 3 ADV riders, they are heading for Fairbanks. I got some gas and headed for Anchorage. The 2nd half of this leg is a scenic byway. Too bad there is nowhere to stop and take pics. At almost every viewstation there were overgrown trees. Or when you go by the Matanuska Glacier, there is no where to pull over as there are no shoulders on the road, literally. Not just gravel shoulders, I mean no shoulders. Thereís a rock face on one side of the road and a guardrail on the other. So, no pics, bummer. I did take some before the Glacier. I even stopped at a decent viewpoint to snap a few pics. I parked, got off the bike, and it fell over. I didnít feel so bad this time as I wasnít riding it. I was preparing to unload the bike but figured I would try and lift it. It was actually rather easy. The side stand was already down as I had gotten off the bike. Once all 3 points were on the ground (2 tires and the side stand) I just pushed and walked into the bike and up it came. I moved it to keep it from happening again. After all that, the pics were just so so.

 On the outskirts of Anchorage there is an interstate, a real interstate. I have not seen a real interstate in over 3000 miles. On my way to get on it, an old man pulled out in front of me to cross over traffic (he was turning left from our right). I beeped him real good and got on the interstate. In over 4,000 miles, thatís the closest Iíve been to an accident.

 So I ride to the campground, which is in an area kind of like the area behind Greer Stadium, i.e. not very nice. Itís almost downtown, 1 block from the Anchorage Airport, sounds like itís 10 feet from the Military Air Base, and is literally only 50 feet from the railroad tracks. This would be the most ghetto campground so far. The ad in the milepost made this place look wonderful, yea marketing! I tried to get on their crappy internet, but it is so slow. Yes they have wi-fi, but I think itís connected to a 24k modem.

 This is the first night camping without knowing a soul. I knew Dave the first 2 nights, met the 3 BMW riders for the 3rd night, but I have met no one today. So I made doubly sure not to pull out any of my fancy gadgetry until after I had showered. Tonight I am camping next to, I hate to say it, an Alaskan red neck. Up here I think they are called mountain men. He admitted to me that he does not know how to play the violin, or the fiddle, but that didnít stop him. He was very polite, but a little too much like the Darlinís for me.

 Tomorrow I am packing up camp and heading for BMW to get my service done. Then I will find a campsite out of town somewhere as those have proven to be the best so far.

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