Day 16 - 7/17/07: Anchorage, AK

Gear Dropped for Deadhorse Run

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up around 6:30, the train 40 feet from my head with the whistle blowing took care of that. I took my time and got all my stuff packed. I loaded up the bike and headed for BMW, with plans to go to Trapper Creek tonight.

 Even though I had an appointment, BMW had no idea I was coming. It wasnít until I told them about the tires I shipped that they decided to service me. But all in all they were very nice. The parts guys were very polite and helpful. The tech working on my bike asked me questions throughout the process. I had them do the 6,000 mile service (the bike has around 7,200 on it now), put on the knobby tires I shipped up, and mount my camera mount.

 After I got to BMW and dropped off the bike, I walked up to Saraís Sandwich Shop. It was fabulous. I drank 6 waters while I was there. Iím not dehydrated, but there is practically no humidity here. My lips are all kinds of chapped and split and itís driving me insane. Iím headed to Wal-Mart for some other items tomorrow, so lip stuff will be on my list. I had chili, some chips, an Italian sub, and the aforementioned 6 waters. I then went back to BMW and got on the computer. I sent some emails, but spent the majority of my time on the website. Itís almost ready to go, of course the internet here at Ship Creek RV Park (ghetto RV) is crap. So I canít upload it. If itís not one thing, itís another.

 When they were done servicing the bike the service manager gave it a test ride. He gave it the big thumbs up and we talked about Prudhoe Bay. He said it is a fantastic ride in good weather. Lots of people get flats, but the scenery is amazing. In rain, he said the road turns into chocolate pudding. He advised me to converse with the truckers. He told me if Iím polite to them, the word will spread. When bikers are rude to the truckers, they tend to be rude back, only the trucks are much bigger than a bike. I felt good talking to someone who has actually made the trip. The 3 BMW riders I met on the way to Tok said they know someone who got a flat 35 miles from Prudhoe Bay. He had to stop every 2 miles and put in air. Finally he just got a tow. I talked to a guy who runs a Jeep company who drives up to Prudhoe Bay. He said I would have a great time and that the road is nowhere near some of the nightmare stories.

 Well, I have prepared as best I can. I dropped about 80 lbs of gear. BMW is letting me store it there until my return to Anchorage for new tires. So I have my knobbys that I shipped up on the bike now, I kept the old tires, Iíve got one inner tube and Iím buying the other one tomorrow, as well as a 2.5 gallon jug for gas. I have my air pump and tire plugs as well. So if I get a puncture, I can plug it. If I get a sidewall puncture or a puncture too big to plug, I can put an inner tube in. If the inner tube gets a problem, I can put on my old tires (the Metzler Torranceís). Hopefully I wonít have any problems. All I am bringing with me are my tools, my cameras, extra gas, some plugs for charging batteries, soap and a towel for showers, oil, and one pair of sweat pants and an extra pair of underwear. I should be getting pretty ripe by the time I get back to Anchorage. I left my camp chair (so Iím sitting on the ground), I left my air mattress (so Iím sleeping on the ground), and I left my camp shoes (so I had to take a shower in the campground public showers in my bare feet. They will probably fall off tonight from whatever diseases live on public shower floors. Let me put it to you this way, I know what I do in public showers, and thatís just me. Multiply that by 10,000,000 other dirty guys, oh yeah, the feet are falling off come morning). Needless to say, Iíll be buying flip flops in the morning. I am also going to buy some water, and some cereal bars to eat. And thatís pretty much it.

 As BMW only had the 1 inner tube, the parts guy called his friend at another cycle shop. They have the one I need, but they closed at 6:00. The bike was ready at 6:10. Do the math, I couldnít get to the store. So, I canceled my plans to camp in either Trapper Creek or Talkeetna tonight and headed back to the Ship Creek RV Park (ghetto RV). On the way I had McDonaldís for dinner. I did not order it, but they have a McKinley Big Mac. Apparently itís a Big Mac made with quarter pounder meat. Luckily (or unluckily, I guess it all depends on how you look at it) the ghetto RV, I mean Ship Creek RV had a tent site left. I camped on the other side of the mountain man tonight. Hopefully I will get a hold of some hi speed tomorrow. In ghettoís defense, they only advertised ďwi-fiĒ, not ďhigh speed wi-fiĒ.

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