Day 17 - 7/18/07: Anchorage, AK to Fairbanks, AK

Day 17 - Anchorage to Fairbanks
Ready for Deadhorse Denali Denali

After sleeping on the floor of the tent, I am quite stiff. Believe it or not though, I slept in late. I got up eventually, packed up camp, and headed for Pro Sports to get an inner tube for the front tire. I also got a balaclava to keep my bald head warm, and some shin / knee guards for the ride to Deadhorse tomorrow. Then I had to run to Sears to get a 45 Torx bit to remove the front brakes should I need to take the wheel off. Then to Wal-mart for a 1 gallon gas can, bungee, bug spray, water, cereal bars, etc…

 I finally headed out of town at 12:00. The scenery today was every bit as fantastic as the rest of the trip. The roads were better, the scenic view points were better, the camera battery however, was not. Wouldn’t you know it, before when I wanted to take a picture, I couldn’t due to the highway, now I can but the battery is dead. Oh well, such is life. At least I will be traveling this same road back to Anchorage to pick up my gear. I did get to see 3 moose and a rabbit today.

 Speaking of moose, there are signs everywhere warning you of the moose (mooses, meese, moose?). There’s even a sign in Anchorage that says how many moose have been killed by drivers this year, the total so far was 261.

 I stopped at Denali State Park and took some pics of the South Summit of Mt. McKinley. The North Summit was clouded over. Then I did the marathon run to Fairbanks. I copped out and got a hotel room tonight. I did some laundry, had some pizza, watched some TV, and now it’s time for bed.

 Oh yeah, you have to have a room key to use the elevator in this hotel. As this is the case, the pizza can not be delivered to your room, they have to call your room and you come down and get it. When I got my call I met a guy in the elevator. We chatted for a quick second or two and I found out he was a BMW rider on his way to Deadhorse in the morning, same as me! His name was Jason. He and his buddy, Scott, are from Anchorage and I agreed to ride with them on the Haul Road as there is usually safety in numbers.

 Then I ate my pizza, watched some TV, and went to bed.

 Pretty uneventful.

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