Day 2 - 7/3/07: Chicago, IL

Headed for BMW Headed for BMW Gandhi Electrnics
Naked Bike Naked Bike Naked Bike

Today I woke up at 8:00 to give me enough time to get ready in order to leave by 9:00 and get my bike to Chicago BMW. When I came upstairs I found cheesy eggs awaiting me. Synthia and Eric had made breakfast and had some leftovers. Eric headed for the shop while Brian and I made our way to BMW.

 Our trip to BMW took us down Lakeshore drive. We passed all the museums and the “Married with Children” fountain, we even passed by Gandhi Electronics. When we got to BMW and dropped off the bike, Peter the service manager met us. He directed us to Mark in Parts to pick up the radio, headset, and cables. We had to wait through several phone calls for Mark to help us, apparently Chicago BMW gets a lot of calls. We then met back up with Peter who took us to see Walter. We went over the work to be done, oil change, install CB, install heated seat, install powerlet wire, and install headset in the helmet. But guess what, the helmet was still at Eric’s shop. Both Brian and I had stared at it the night before. I even asked if we would need it, but Brian said no. So we had no helmet to install the headset in. Then I found out that Mark in Parts did not order the mounting bracket. It turns out Brian had one and that Mark was not supposed to order one. I then asked about my horribly aimed headlight. Walter hooked me right up and showed me how to aim, and switch (depending on load carried), the headlight.

 Leaving BMW we decided we were hungry. As we could not decide what for, we ended up having McDonald’s at Eric’s shop. After our quick lunch, Brian moved the bikes inside and then ran to Harley to get some parts. Eric worked on one of the Harley’s in his shop, prepping it for sale. In the meantime, I got on the computer, checked my email, called up Patty and rented her a car for her Austin, TX trip. Soon after all of us were done with our various tasks we decided to head out as we still needed to deliver my helmet to BMW.

 Our first stop was Eric’s new house. They bought an older, run down home and are rehabbing it. It is coming along nicely. We then delivered the helmet to BMW. Peter let us know that my bike would not be ready until Thursday afternoon (they were closed on Wednesday the 4th). We took the helmet out to Walter and I saw my bike. It was stripped! Walter had removed the tank, seat, and beak to install the CB Radio. After snapping a few quick pics it was off to find dinner.

 As this is only my 2nd trip to Chicago, I decided I wanted Giordano’s. We ordered a beef and onion stuffed pizza, although it seems as if Giordano forgot the beef. After finishing our cheese and onion pizza we walked back to the car. On the way Eric saw a squirrel jump up on a trash can. When he called the squirrel it ran right over, literally. Brain threw it some cheese, but it just stood there, staring at Brain. So Brain chucked it some crust. This must have pleased the squirrel, as he ran over to a column, splayed out on his belly, and began to eat. I got some decent photos of it as well.

 We drove to REI and bummed around for a while. I ended up buying some camp food, a new spoon, a dry compression sack for my sleeping bag, and some compression zip lock bags for my pillow.

When leaving REI, Eric thought it would be a great idea to head up Lakeshore Dr. to see the fireworks (Chicago’s fireworks are on 7/3). The closer we got the thicker traffic became until finally we just had to park on the street. The entire Lakeshore Dr. was a parking lot. Then the fireworks started, but not out over the lake. They were only directly in front of Down Town. Alas, we were stuck in traffic just around the corner. Oh well. After waiting in traffic from 8:30 to 10 it started moving. The cops were forcing everyone off the street. Of course as soon as we got off Lakeshore, the cops opened it back up for traffic. It took a really long time to get home, I think we got in around 12:30.

Then it was bed time.

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