Day 22 - 7/23/07: Fairbanks, AK to Wasilla, AK

Day 22 - Fairbanks to Wasilla
Cantwell Valley
Fireweed Cantwell Valley Train
Cantwell Valley Hurricane Gultch Hurricane Gultch
Denali Denali

I slept in today, in my nice comfy hotel bed. I checked my emails then packed up my stuff. I had 3 of the breakfast bars I had packed for the Deadhorse trip for breakfast. It started raining while I was packing the bikeÖ bring it on.

 I got gas and headed south for Anchorage. My plan was to spend some time at Denali State Park. I wanted to take a tour, but I didnít get there till 3:30 or so, and man are these tours long. They range from 4 hours to over 13 hours! I didnít want to take any piddly 4 hour tour, so I put this on my list for the next Alaska trip I make.

 I got lots of pictures this time. If you remember, the batteries died on me from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Well I charged em up real good for the Fairbanks to Anchorage leg. I snapped quite a few in the mountain valley near Cantwell. What a beautiful place. I also stopped at both the North, and South, viewing stations for Denali, but the mountain was clouded over. While at the South viewing station for Denali I ran into the Harley rider that I met in Coldfoot. They were flying to Nome, AK in the morning to check out western Alaska. I informed them of my plans to take the ferry south to Bellingham, WA, then ride back home across the lower 48. We said goodbye and wished each other well.

 It was getting late in the day, I guess this tends to happen when you donít leave until noon. As it was already nearing 5:00 I decided to ditch my Anchorage plans and camp in Talkeetna for the night. Talkeetna is right next to Trapper Creek, about 3 miles or so away. But the only way to get there is on the Talkeetna spur road. To get to the spur road you have to go 14 miles south down the highway, hit the spur road, then 14 miles back north to Talkeetna. But I figured it was worth it.

 It wasnít. While the town was cool, there was no where to camp or get a room. What a waste of a half hour. I decided I would at least mail a post card from here as I had forgotten to in Fairbanks and Coldfoot. I got to the post office and it was closed. No biggie, I have stamps and post cards with me. So I go in to fill some out, and there are no pens, anywhere. Itís a post office! You go there for letters, that people write, with pens, and they have no pens! Needless to say, I have vowed to pick me up a pen.

 Now that my Talkeetna run was a complete wash, I decided to push on farther south, but stop short of Anchorage and spend the night in Wasilla rather than camp at the Ghetto RV Park again. It started raining on the Talkeetna spur road and didnít stop all the way to Wasilla. I didnít feel like pitching my tent in the rain, so I got a room at the Best Western.

 When I checked into the hotel I used my debit card. It happens to say Nashville on the front. The front desk girl told me her manager was from TN and asked if I was really from there as well. I said I was. She got her manager to come out to the desk. It turns out heís from Murfreesboro. Talk about a small world. So far in Alaska Iíve met people from Hermitage, Green Hills, and now Murfreesboro. He told me to go down to the Kenai Peninsula to check out one of the tours. A guy he knows from Belle Meade runs the business there. After I checked in I went to my room, ordered some pizza (if you couldnít tell, I like pizza), watched Independence Day on TV, and went to bed.

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