Day 26 - 7/27/07: Whitehorse, YK to Toad River, BC

Day 26 - Whitehorse to Toad River
Highway Scenery Rain Near Teslin
Metal Grate Bridge at Teslin Metal Grate
Teslin Stitch
Reflected Lake
Reflected Lake Buffalo Herd Buffalo Couple

I slept in this morning, really slept in. I woke up around 9:00 and ended up rolling out of camp around 11:00.

 As I didnít actually go to Whitehorse the last time I was here, I decided I should take a look. I hadnít had a decent breakfast since Anchorage, so I went to the Tim Hortonís in town. It took a while to find a place to park, but I found a meter around the corner. All I had was a dime and some dollars, so in went a dollar for a 2 hour parking limit. I was ready for some breakfast, but lucky me, Tim Hortonís had already stopped serving breakfast and was on lunch. I was in line for about 15 minutes at the register. They had the ďslower than molassesĒ girl running the counter, and her brother was making the food. Molasses may be too kind, it is cold up here though, and Iím sure molasses runs much slower than it does down south. The manager finally came out to see how things were and saw a line out the door. So she hops on the register to help kill the line. Of course she forgets about molassesí brother making the food, so the line just moved from one side of the restaurant to the other. After another 15 minutes in line waiting for food the manager comes out and wonders "why the backup", so she helps get the food out. After all that waiting, the food was just so so. Ahhhh, fast food, Iím glad I got out of it.

 I hadnít talked with Patty in few days, so when I got to the bike I gave her a call on the satellite phone. I let her know that everything was good and we talked for a while. Afterwards I mounted up and went in search of some gas.

 At the gas station I filled up the bike, then went to pay inside. I used my debit card and the cashier asked if I was really from Nashville (my card has the word ďNashvilleĒ on the front of it). I said that I was. He pointed to a customer and said ďThat guy there goes down to Nashville all the time, you should speak with himĒ. So I went over and true enough, he goes to Nashville on a regular basis to record albums. His name is Sam Little. He had some CDís in the gas station for sale. One of them was ďSongs of NASCARĒ. His buddy was quick to point out that he was on the Discovery Channel show about the building of the Haul Road. His song, Kamikaze Trail is featured in the show.

 As it was now 12:30 I decided it was time to leave town. Just west of Teslin I ran into some construction. While in the line up waiting for our turn to cross the one lane bridge, two guys came up to talk to me, one from the truck in front and one from the car behind me. Truck man was curious about the trip while car dude was interested in the bike. I answered lots of questions and before I was able to finish up it was our turn to move. We said our goodbyes and set out across the bridge. Between the construction and Teslin I watched the rain clouds build. I rode in and out of some sprinkles, but the major rain cloud was still on the horizon. I really wanted to get to Teslin before the rain as the highway crosses the river over a metal grate bridge. Iím not too fond of these bridges, and I really didnít feel like crossing one in the rain. Luckily I made it to Teslin before it started to rain, but I had to stop for gas. I was a little drowsy, so I got a diet coke. I stuffed the coke in my jacket and planned on putting on the rain pants on the other side of the river. The guy I met at the construction site was getting gas as well and wished me a final farewell. I took some quick pics of the approaching rain and away I went. I crossed the bridge and stopped at the overlook. I took some pics of Teslin and the rain clouds, then drank my coke, and put on my rain pants.

 I rode to Watson Lake where I gassed up again. I thought about spending some time at the sign post forest, but it was getting late in the day, and I had yet to hit the mountains.

 Just after leaving Watson Lake I found it. My mountain lake, smooth as glass, reflecting both sky and mountain. I checked my mirrors and made a quick stop on the side of the road. I took lots of pics in hopes of stitching them together later on. About ten cars and five campers passed me, and not a one of them was interested in the scenery. It was amazing, simply amazing.

 When I did get to the mountains, it was beautiful. It was about 9:00 and the sun was low in the sky. With the mostly cloudy sky it was simply beautiful. I saw two caribou run off into the woods, then saw a moose later on in the woods on a trail. Muncho Lake was fantastic. The lake was all golden and the mountains were dark. I was going to stop for a pic, but the only thing that would have come out is the lake, so I passed on it. However, I did ride around a corner and I spotted a buffalo on the side of the road. I slowed down for a pic and it was a good thing I did. On the other side of the road were about 50 more buffalo. They were mostly lying in the grass, I guess they were hot, it was around 79 degrees after all.

 I made it to Toad River by 9:30. I thought I was good as I thought they closed at 10:00. I was wrong, they closed at 9:00. Luckily they left the door open while they were cleaning up and I was able to get some water and a tent site. I rode over to the site, but ended up changing my mind, so I switched sites. I set up in the grass, next to the lake, between some trees, it was fantastic. I did note that some clouds were on the horizon, and I hoped it didnít rain on me during the night. I took my shower, and once again the iron in the water was strong. I shall not be needing my vitamins for several months thanks to the Toad River water.

 After my shower I made dinner, chili-mac again! Yea! Only this time I had picked up some Doritos in the store when I checked in. I crunched them up and added them to the mix. Donít worry, it was quite delicious. I got on the computer and worked on the website some more as I was unable to get online. With all of this time working on the internet, youíd think Iíd be up to date by now.

 One thing was different today that I had not experienced in some time. It got dark. Whatís up with that? Just last week I was in Coldfoot and the sun was up 24 hours straight. Now it gets dark? At first it was weird to have that much light, but you get used to it very quickly. In Coldfoot I had dinner around 10:00, and had the sunbathed mountains as my scenic view. I went to bed around 1:00 am in Coldfoot, and the sun was still up. Now it was dark. I even used my headlamp tonight. Iíve toted the headlamp with me all the way across Canada and Alaska and had only used it once. At least it was money well spent, the light worked brilliantly.

I was tired of leaving around noon, so I kicked off to bed at midnight and set my alarm for 7:00.

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