Day 27 - 7/28/07: Toad River, BC to Dawson Creek, BC

Day 27 - Toad River to Dawson Creek
Mountain Sheep Mountain Sheep Bike at Charlie Lake
Mountain Mist Stitch
Charlie Lake Stitch

I set my alarm for 7:00 today so that I could get on the road a little earlier. I woke up when the alarm went off, but I also heard sprinkles on the tent. I really donít like packing up the rain, so I got up fast and got ready. I packed up quick and left the bike at the campsite as it was only light sprinkling. I went up to the office, which is also a general store / restaurant and hotel, to get some breakfast. I had eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns. It was ok. Afterward I purchased some more postcards and some Canadian stamps.

It had started to rain when I got back to the bike, so I went inside to write my postcards. I rode the bike over to the office to fill up with gas and threw the postcards in the drop box. Then it was time to head out for Dawson Creek, BC. It rained off and on for the rest of the trip. All the rain stopped about an hour outside of Dawson Creek.

Right away the wildlife started. A deer darted across the road. Then a few minutes later I saw a moose. Then down the road a caribou. Then a few minutes later I saw a mountain sheep just standing in the middle of the road. Just up the road from that I saw two more sheep. And to finish off the day I saw two more moose together on the side of the road. I got pictures of the sheep, but that was it.

After I first saw the deer I started to get cold. So I pulled over and plugged in my electric vest. This thing is great! When I went to get back on the highway though, 4 RVís had passed me. I leapfrogged them to the front of the line and it was smooth sailing from there on.

All day today I was really tired. I had to stop several times, sometimes after only 50 miles or so. At each stop I had a diet Dr. Pepper and some sort of candy, usually twinkies (itís been a long time since I had twinkies, theyíre still good). At one of the snack stops I met a father with his 3 teenage kids. The 2 daughters in the back were amazed by the bike. The dad and the son were amazed by the trip. I talked with them for a few minutes before they moved on. I finished my snack and headed out. I passed them a few miles later and gave them a big wave.

Later on in Buckinghorse I got another snack and I filled up with gas. When I bought my snack the attendant told me to come and get her when I was ready to pump gas as the pumps were locked. So I had my Diet Coke, then I went inside to get the attendant. She came out with a key. I wondered why until I saw the pump. When she said ďlockedĒ I assumed it just meant they were turned off. Nope, the pump handle has a huge padlock on it so that you canít even remove it from the pump. This place was serious when they say the pumps are locked.

Later on I stopped at Charlie Lake for some more pics. This is the one good thing about traveling the same route home as I rode going up, I have a second shot at pics.

I got to Dawson Creek around 6:30. With all the stops I had made I used up a lot of time. I set my tent up, but didnít stake it down. I took my shower, made dinner, got on the computer, etcÖ I noticed the dark clouds moving in, but checked the weather channel website and it said all would be good, famous last words. I thought about staking the tent down, but didnít really feel like doing it (yes, I was lazy). I went to bed around 12:30. At 2:45 I awoke to loud booms of thunder. Then the rain started, and boy did it pour. I was rather amazed that the tent stayed dry. It was hard to go back to sleep with all the lightning and thunder outside. The drumming of the rain actually helped put me to sleep. But then the bright flash of lightning and the loud boom of the thunder would wake me back up. What was cool was hearing the thunder boom and then echo off all the mountains. As the storm moved off, I drifted back to sleep.

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