Day 28 - 7/29/07: Dawson Creek, BC to Edmonton, AB

Day 28 - Dawson Creek to Edmonton

Once again I set my alarm for early in the morning, this time at 7:00. I woke up earlier than 7:00 and heard it sprinkling outside. I got up and got ready. I packed up everything I could inside the tent where it was dry. This is when I noticed that the tent had leaked last night. It wasnít too bad, probably the total of a 1 liter bottle, not bad for a whole nights worth of storms. I took everything out of the tent and then packed up the tent as well. I hate packing up wet, but I had no choice.

 While I was packing a guy came over to talk to me. He was interested in the bike. Heíd been thinking of buying a BMW and wanted to talk about it. He asked about my trip and was amazed that I did all of this solo. I talked about Deadhorse and the oil fields and he was really interested in this. It turns out he works as a drill hand on one of the oil derricks in British Columbia. He told me about all of the overtime he gets and how he loves his job. I mentioned that he should look into Deadhorse, but he said he has pretty much the same deal here, and it is much closer to home.

 After chatting I managed to pull out of the campground at around 8:20 or so. This was the earliest by far I had left camp in a long time. I filled up with gas and headed for Edmonton. This part of the trip turned out to be rather boring. In retrospect I wish I had snapped a few photos. One in particular was of the road, straight as an arrow, going off into the distance for about 15 miles. I figured I would run into a similar stretch later on, I didnít. Across the plains of Canada (the Canadians call it the Grand Prairie), all of the roads are straight with very few curves. Itís as if the Canadians have taken this one geometric fact to heart, ďThe shortest distance between two points is a straight lineĒ, and boy are those roads straight.

 The scenery is not as great as I remember from the ride up. At least through the mountains you could see something new, even though you had already passed through once before. On the Grand Prairie, all you see is the prairie. It doesnít really matter if you look left, right, forward, backward, etcÖ itís still the prairie, flat as can be. Only this time through all the yellow canola was gone. I guess they harvested it while I was in Alaska. This part of the trip seems as if itís going to be long and boring, much like a 5 day drive to work. Not that I donít like work, but the ride is not that exciting.

 The closer to Edmonton I got, the hotter the temperature climbed. The one good thing about today is that I left so early. As a result, I got to Edmonton at 3:00 pm. What a great feeling to have so much time left over. I got a hotel room, showered up, and changed clothes. I went to get on the internet, but the hotels connection was down. They kept telling me that their ISP was offline. But after some checking on my part, I found that their wireless network was messed up. It wasnít giving me an IP address or a gateway. I offered to help and take a look, but they insisted it was the ISP. Yeah, right. So I packed up the computer and went to Starbucks to get on the internet. One hour was $7.00, and the whole day was $13.00. Hell, Iíll go for the whole day. I figured I would just sit in the Starbucks, in the bookstore, and work on the website and surf the internet. I was there maybe 45 minutes when the employee announced that they were closing in 20 minutes. What! How could you? Arenít you open till 9:00 at least? Nope, I didnít realize that today was Sunday. While itís nice to loose track of what day of the week it is, it would have been nice not to waste an extra $6.00 on an internet connection I couldnít use. So in the end, I paid $13.00 for an hour of internet, and ended up back at the hotel with no internet. At least on the way back to the room I got some gas and some water.

 As there was no internet I worked on the website. I edited lots of photos from the past several days. I did not work on my ride reports. Pictures are so cool to work on and revisit, where writing had actually become a chore. As a result I fell yet another day behind in writing my journal.

I ordered a pizza and watched some TV while I worked on the site. I went to bed around 1:30 or so.

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