Day 3 - 7/4/07: Chicago, IL

Tent Setup

Woke up this morning with a slightly runny nose. I ate the left over Giordanoís pizza for breakfast in the basement while Brian and I watched the Nathanís hot dog eating championship. It was awesome! They kept comparing it to the Superbowl and World Series wrapped up in one, and mentioned many times that the entire free world was watching. One of the contestants, the Black Widow, has eaten 10% of her body weight in cheesecake. Anyway, Kobiyashi lost. I was really rooting for him.

After the contest I got ready to go. Brian and I went to the shop so he could get some work done and I could seam seal the tent. I set up the tent and guess what, the seam sealer was at Ericís! Brian and I discussed packing some of my stuff. We decided to mount one of his Pelican cases for the Satellite phone, and mount the shovel on the other bag. So off to Home Depot we went. We bought all of the hardware we needed, plus a carpenters pencil so I could wrap duct tape around it and get rid of the heavy roll I brought with me. We then went to Target to get some toiletry bags, 1 for electronics and 1 for tools, 2 travel Gold Bondís, and I also bought Brian some Right guard and M&Mís for the movies. We went to Arbyís for lunch, Brian bought to pay me back for his deodorant. I had a Big Montana, fries, and Sierra Mist. I remembered that I needed a camera bag, so we went across the street to Best Buy and got one. I was not sure if it would be the right size, but when I packed up my stuff later that night it all fit perfectly.

For dinner Eric made some kind of chicken that had BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheese. It was pretty good. Afterwards we went downstairs and watched Big Love. I tried to move my Alaska site to, but I had to wait on Godaddy to activate it. I then wrote up 7/2ís report and went to bed.

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