Day 30 - 7/31/07: Regina, SK to Winnipeg, MB

Day 30 - Regina to Winnipeg
The Road Rainbow

I woke up this morning and went downstairs to do laundry. I worked on the website while I waited on my clothes. Afterwards I packed up and headed out of town around 1:30. I had some lunch at the Perkins attached to the hotel, it wasnít good, at all, no really, it wasnít. I ordered a cheese quesadilla. They brought me a chicken quesadilla. I told them it was wrong, so they took it to the kitchen and picked the chicken off. How do I know? There was still chicken in it! I didnít need gas as I had filled up last night on the way into town, so I saddled up and rode on out.

Again, today was very hot, the roads were very straight, and the cross winds were blowing like crazy. The heat was awful. The heat kept making me very drowsy. At one point in a construction zone I found my eyes closing on me. I freaked out. Itís bad enough in a car, but on a bike!! I stopped at the very next stop and had a caffeine and sugar break. While inside the gas station I soaked my pants down with water. I figured the wind blowing over my wet pants would help cool me off. And as long as I was there, I filled up the bike as well. 4 Harley riders pulled in and they all had on short sleeve shirts. Now, I may have been roasting in my jacket, but I couldnít imagine riding in just a t-shirt. The sunburn alone would not have been worth it for me.

 As soon as I pulled out of the gas station I felt great. My wet pants really did the trick. It felt awesome, like I had A/C on my legs. Of course, this only worked for about 20 minutes until all the water evaporated, but it felt great while it lasted.

 As I neared Brandon the storm clouds started to gather. I kept putting off donning my rain pants, until I saw a rainbow. I pulled off the highway and onto a side road. I took some pics, so letís hope they come out good. I put on my rain pants during this stop as well. By the time I got on the bike and back to the highway, the rain had moved on. I stopped in Brandon to get gas and some water. I got both, and when I came back outside the storm had moved even farther down the road. It must have been moving at 45 + miles an hour. I kept hoping to catch it to help cool me off, but I never did. The storm was just too fast.

 I got to Winnipeg around 9:15 and it had started to get dark. Iíve got to tell you, Iím not used to this ďgetting darkĒ stuff. It took a while, but I got used to it being light all the time, and up in Coldfoot the sun never set. And now it was getting dark? And I have to ride in the dark? Whatís with this??? I also found myself riding with my sunglasses on. I didnít realize I had them on, I forgot. After all, I always have glasses on. So at one of the red lights I did the quick glasses switch. Now that I was in town I followed the GPS directions to the hotel, big mistake. The GPS had me riding on all kinds of side streets. Why didnít it just shoot me over the interstate and to the hotel? I donít know.

 I stayed at a different Holiday Inn in Winnipeg this time around. If you remember, I stayed in the Ghetto Holiday Inn attached to the Greyhound station on my way up to Alaska. This new Holiday Inn hotel was wonderful, and in a much nicer part of town. I unpacked the bike, showered, and ordered pizza (of course). I stayed up until 2:00 or so working on the computer and watching Goodfellaís and Shawshank Redemption.

 Man I love Shawshank Redemption. I was lying in bed watching it, and when Red gets up the nerve to go to Mexico he says ďGet busy liviní, or get busy dyiní, thatís damn rightĒ, I really connected with that. Itís really hard to believe that I have done what Iíve done. But it really comes down to getting up and doing it, not just talking about it.

Get busy living, or get busy dying.
Thatís damn right!

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