Day 33 - 8/3/07: Chicago, IL


I had my alarm set for 8:00 as Eric wanted to head out at 8:30. I figured I had already showered before bed, so I would skip it this morning. I found some of Brianís deodorant, hopefully I wonít stink so much today.

 We packed up the truck and headed for Ericís shop. We stopped at Walgreenís to drop off a prescription for Eric, and to purchase some deodorant for me. We then went to eat at a McDonaldís. I had 2 biscuits, hashbrowns, and a water. It turned out to be too much food. Itís hard to believe how much I used to eat, compared to how much I can eat now, now that I am almost done with my trip.

 We arrived at the shop and I started to work on the website. I have been very interested in editing photos, and not completing ride reports. I think Iím 5 days behind on ride reports. I really need to get this stuff down so I donít forget and the memories donít run together. After a few hours Eric decided to run some errands. I had nothing better to do so I thought I would join him. One thing I did need to do was air out the tent. It had been packed up wet since the rain in Dawson Creek 6 days ago. We went to the house in Crete and I set up the tent to let it dry out overnight. After setting up the tent we drove by the new house, I canít remember where it is. Itís an older house, but very nice. They are renovating it and hoping to rent it out soon.

 We ran around town, dropping off papers here, running to the bank there, etcÖ We went to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch, Las Fajitas. I did not get fajitas, I got a chimichanga. It wasnít bad. After eating we found out that Brian would be back in town late tonight, and as we had no other plans, we headed for the house.

 Once again I left everything in the truck. And once again I was not too comfortable about it. I went downstairs and got on the computer and watched some TV. After a while I had the left over pizza from yesterday. Brian got to the house around 1:00am or so. He had to unload the Sprinter, so I went out with him and brought in my stuff from the truck. We stayed up till 2:30 or 3:00 hanging out. We agreed to sleep in tomorrow.

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