Day 4 - 7/5/07: Chicago, IL

Big Hole Kwik E Mart
Buzz Cola Doughnuts Squishee
Krazy Kaplans Stuff

Got up and got ready. Eric and Synthia went to a closing on a condo they were selling. Brian and I ran errands. We started the day by having brunch at the Dominick’s grocery store near Chicago BMW. We then stopped off at BMW to pick up the bike. Walter was still working on my helmet. We bummed around for a while and walked across the street to the 7-11 for some water. Inside the 7-11 we saw a Squishee machine, from the Simpsons. This reminded me that I wanted to go by the Kwik E Mart, one of 6 in the country was in Chicago. 7-11 remodeled 6 of their stores to resemble Kwik E Marts for the new Simpsons movie. So after we loaded up the bike and tested the headset it was off for Kwik E Mart.

 The Kwik E Mart was pretty funny. The outside was done up with Bart on the roof. Inside they had a real cop guarding the squishee machine, when he wasn’t performing crowd control. Brian and I got some Buzz cola, a squishee, and a doughnut, just like the one’s homer eats, pink frosting, sprinkles and all. They had all kinds of Simpsons stuff, like Krusty O’s, bobble heads, etc… 7-11 did not make Duff beer, and even though I don’t drink beer, it would have been funny to see.

 I still had to buy some boots, so Brian took me to the Army surplus store to see the new boots. The boots they had there kind of sucked. Needless to say I did not buy them.

 Brian and I went to the shop to start getting my bike ready. He did a good job mounting the pelican case and shovel. I dug through all my gear and got rid of quite a bit, probably around 25 lbs or so.

 We then went to the grocery store to get meat, chips, dip, etc… for dinner. When we got home we found out that Eric’s friend Nancy had been run over by a car while riding her bicycle, she died. There was a somber mood in the house. I did make hamburgers in a skillet for everyone. They came out really good.

 Eric and Synthia went off to bed while Brian and I headed downstairs to finish up getting ready. I did some laundry and charged all of my batteries. I kept falling asleep writing the report for 7/3. I finally gave up and went to bed.

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