Day 6 - 7/7/07: Bloomington, MN - Mall of America

  Mall of America  
Death Star Biplane
Triceratops Blimp
Brian and Lego Bike Motorcycle Adam and Lego Bike
Earth and the Moon Space Station Space Shuttle

We slept in today. I got up first to get ready. I had decided to go Grizzly Adams with my hair and beard during the trip, but I just couldn’t make it. I shaved today. I feel much better. I then scoped out Mall of America online to try and find some boots. I found a store in Minneapolis that sells all kinds of boots for cops, but Brian did not want to go. So we just went to the mall.

 Apparently today is 7/7/07 or 7-7-7, supposedly a lucky day. The mall had a group wedding, it was kind of funny to see people get married at the mall, especially a huge group of them. We came in at the very end of it, so no pics. This mall is huge. It has 4 stories, although a movie theater is the only thing on the 4th floor. There is an amusement park in the center of the mall and the shops wind all the way around it. Our first stop was the Lego store which was very cool. I bought lots of stuff today, post cards, gifts for Patty and Hannah, and a TN sticker for my bike. I was so thirsty all day. I kept drinking and drinking water, but I never got enough. My lips have been so dry. I will need to find some kind of Camelbak to hold water for my trip. I also bought my boots. We went to several stores and I tried on lots and lots of boots. I found ones I liked, but Brian and I decided to keep walking around as we could always come back. We went to Sears and found a pair of Timberlands I liked, so I bought them. We then went to the Irish store where I hoped to find Patty and cool gift. However, they were all out of things O’Brien, and I did not really dig any of the shirts they had. After wearing the Timberland boots I decided they were not for me. So back to Sears they went. We then made our way to Sports Authority which had the boots I liked, but they did not fit right. Apparently I am picky about my feet. We made it to DSW show warehouse and found the same pair. They worked!

 Then it was movie time. We saw transformers which was really good. I had my first ever movie hot dog and hopefully will not get the runs. We got some gas and water on the way back to the hotel. While I figured out my money situation and wrote my trip reports we watched the rest of Nacho Libre, all of Rocky, and the last part of Gladiator.

 I stayed up way too late into the night getting hotels lined up, emails sent, and a little work done. I’ve got hotels lined up for Winnipeg, Regina, and Edmonton. As it is now 2:21 am, I am headed for bed!

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