Day 8 - 7/9/07: Winnipeg, MB to Regina, SK

Day 8 - Winnipeg to Regina
View from hotel

So, I woke up this morning packed my stuff and headed down to breakfast. I had some scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, potato thingies, and pancakes. It was an alright breakfast. I then went to go get the bike so I could load it up. When I got to the garage I noticed a large amount of glass on the ground. Last night I had parked next to a BMW 3 series convertible and it was now gone. I wondered if the glass was there before or not. I looked the bike over and everything seemed ok. I rode out of the parking garage and around to the front of the Holiday Inn. When I pulled in I saw the BMW. I spoke with the owners and their window had been smashed in during the night. Their leather seats were all slashed up and the smash and grabbers got into the trunk through the back seat. The owner was from Florida on his way to Victoria, BC. Needless to say he did not feel too good about Canada.

 I loaded the bike and then went in search for a post office. I spent about an hour trying to find one. The GPS would say one was there, but there was not one there. Finally I just asked someone where it was. They said “Inside the Shoppers Drug Mart”, oh thanks GPS, I guess I’m supposed to be able to see through a brick wall to find the post office. I mailed out my post cards and bought some postage ready ones so I could drop them off anywhere, without the need for a post office.

 Finally, I was on the way to Regina. About a half hour out of town the sky clouded over. But no rain, thankfully it was not a repeat of the soaking I got the day before. I made it to Brandon for gas. I tried to prepay but the pump would not let me. I started to worry as I had no Canadian cash on me. I went inside and the attendant asked me if it was an American credit card. I said yes, then he said just go ahead and pump and pay inside when I am through. So I did, I got a water too. Not having any CaniCash bothered me though, so I used the ATM.

 I went back out to the bike to drink my water and I heard a voice say “What’s a guy from TN doing in Brandon?” I had a short chat with a local about my trip. He was loving it. Eventually he had to go and pump his gas and I had to leave. He told me to be careful in the rain and I thought, what rain???? He later passed me on the way to Regina and gave me a big, enthusiastic peace sign which I returned. He was clearly excited for me.

 10 or so minutes after he passed me it started to sprinkle. But I kept going. I did start to get cold so I pulled over in a small town and put in my jacket liner. As soon as I started going again the bottom fell out… for the next 1.5 hours. In short, it sucked. I would say it was miserable, but I will use the words character building. I was soaked through to the bone. My shoes were full of water. My helmet kept fogging over so I had to open it which let in water. The temps dropped down into the 50’s. All this rain, the low temps, and being soaked to the bone quickly started to freeze me out. I hunkered down and got in the zone. I kept pep talking myself. When I would shift my feet they would get really cold, so back to the original position for warmth. I kept cycling the heated grips and seat on and off to try and warm up. When it really started to dump on me I would shout “GET SOME, GET SOME” and then quote Gregory Hines from Renaissance Man “Gimme the Rain, Gimme the Rain! If It Ain’t Rainin, We Ain’t Trainen!”

 Now the worst part was yet to come. It finally stopped raining about 25 miles from Regina. Only now the wind started to blow like you wouldn’t believe. I was being blown all over the place. This cold air dry really sucked the rest of the warmth out of me. By the time I got to Regina I had started to shiver. I was getting worried as I checked into the hotel (luckily it was at the first stop light in town) as I could not stop shaking. I took my stuff upstairs, threw it on the floor, and jumped in a tub full of hot water. Who knows what diseases I have now from the hotel tub. I soaked for around 20 minutes and kept adding hot water to warm up. After that I took a really nice hot shower. I got dressed and went across the street to get some water. After I came back and ordered a pizza and watched Wild Hogs on the in hotel movie channel. I could truly associate myself with this movie now. While watching the movie I would jam the hair dryer in my boots to get them dried out. I hung up all my wet clothes hoping the same would happen.

 I then kicked off to bed around 1:00am or so. It was actually 2:00, but I got a bonus by switching to Mountain Time!

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