Day 9 - 7/10/07: Regina, SK to Edmonton, AB

Day 9 - Regina to Edmonton
Saskatchewan Open Field Road View of Open Field
Fender Parts Fender Parts Fender Parts
Missing Bolt

Ahh sleep. After all that cold and shivering, I needed it. I started the morning off with a quick shower, then I headed down to do laundry. The desk clerk sold me some soap, and for 2 bucks each, washer and dryer, I did laundry. During this time I actually worked on the website. I didn’t post anything mind you, but I worked on it. When it came time to dry my clothes I realized I had forgotten fabric softener. I pleaded with the front desk girl, and she produced a bounce sheet. I folded up my clothes, headed upstairs and packed my stuff. When I loaded the bike, the temps were in the high 60’s. I though it might be a cold day, but as I had my jacket liner in, I figured I was good. I checked out of the hotel and went looking for gas.

I had a great breakfast, a vanilla yogurt bar thingy. I know, not only do I not like yogurt, I don’t like thingy’s! The weather was fantastic. It was a little chilly, but only my hands were getting cold. There were big beautiful clouds in the sky. One of the looked like a motorcycle helmet, but by the time I pulled over to take a pic, it had morphed into something unrecognizable. Oh well, here’s to memories!

Saskatchewan is very flat. I kept getting buffeted by cross winds. But the scenery is beautiful. Once or twice it tried to sprinkle on me. But the Adam from yesterday just laughed at this pitiful display.esome. Now, I say that to say this: 

So, last night in Regina I watched Wild Hogs. It was awesome. Now, I say that to say this:
I'm riding to Edmonton and the road crews were out doing construction. There was mud, dirt, gravel, etc... on the shoulder of the road. The truck in front of me kept running onto the shoulder towards the median and would send this stuff flying, but I would usually manage to dodge most of it. Now one time, going around a corner, I see the truck in front of me, and I see a big cloud of large airborne chunks coming for me from the median. I think the worst and assume it's dirt clumps, rocks, gravel, who know what. Nope, it was a cloud of some kind of fat juicy bug, probably bees. I must have hit like 20 of em at once. I was bug splattered like crazy! Good thing I had my visor closed. If I had not seen Wild Hogs the night before, I probably would not have been able to appreciate this moment.

 I stopped for gas a few times, and a water once. After my last gas stop, about 20 miles outside of Edmonton I heard a screeching whir. I thought it might have been something on the road, but the back of my mind said it could be something with the bike. About a minute later I hear the same screeching whir, and then a big thump. I immediately pulled in the clutch and got off the road. I thought maybe the transmission or the final drive was slipping, then clunking into place with the big thump. I was worried big time. I knew the thump came from the rear of the bike. So when I got off, this was the first place I went. I immediately noticed that the rear fender was missing. There are 2 bolts that are supposed to hold it in place, neither one of them was there. They were not sheared off, they were just missing. But my mind kept saying “transmission, final drive; transmission, final drive”. I checked all over the rear end of the bike at both the trans and final drive. I shook the tire back and forth to see if there was any play. My mind was still saying the transmission or final drive slip and thump made the swing arm jerk enough to rip the rear fender off. As there was nothing I could do, I got back on the bike and headed for Edmonton. Pulling away from the side of the road, the gears grinded into 4th. This finalized in my mind that something was wrong with the mechanicals. I rode to a turn around and went back to the scene of the crime. I found 3 fender pieces, all ripped to shreds. The actual fender part had a big melted spot. This is when I started to realize that maybe the fender had come loose and rubbed the rear tire, eventually catching the tread and being ripped of the bike in a big thump. I collected the pieces and headed for the hotel in Edmonton.

 When I got there, I checked in, got all my stuff upstairs, and noticed a flyer on the desk about car theft and crime. Come to think of it, I had seen crime billboards, crime signs, crime leaflets, crime crime crime. I thought Canada was supposed to be nice and safe.

 For dinner I ended up having some pizza. I scheduled an extra day in Edmonton to get the bike checked out at BMW, the last one until Anchorage.  After dinner I did a little investigating. I went back through my pics and found one at the Canadian border crossing that showed the rear fender. I zoomed in, and sure enough, at least 1 bolt was missing. I sent the pic to my phone so I could show it to BMW in the morning.

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